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                                            Furniture shop "MEBELAK"

Performed by a qualified repair Upholstered furniture of any degree of complexity in your home or in our workshop, using a special professional fabric, faux or genuine leather. We also perform replacement parts and accessories folding mechanism. Modernizing and improving the holding outdated models of upholstered furniture.

Warranty service! Delivery of furniture and renovation of varnish - for free!

   Final order amount is determined after an external inspection of the furniture and depends on the complexity of the work and the cost of materials for upholstery or hauling.

               We work on holidays and weekends  from  08-00 to 23-00 hours.
                        Social discounts to certain categories of citizens!
                                                   Cash or bank transfer.
Our workshop offers a range of services for the repair and restoration of furniture. Our masters have a great experience, and they afford repair work of any complexity.

                                         On the big plus hauling furniture.

We carry out a professional repair of furniture of any complexity, including:
restoration of furniture, upholstering and upholstery repair any furniture mechanisms.

Depending on the amount of work we perform restoration of your furniture even in front of your home, and if necessary - transported free of charge to his workshop, and in the same way at no extra charge, taken back in a completely new and unrecognizable form!

You will have one more surprise from our workshop - when ordering any type of restoration, renovation paint you get a gift from us, that is - for free.

We offer the most affordable prices on the market
Repair chair will cost from 500 rubles;
repair chairs with upholstery and replacement filler 1 500 rubles;
sofa upholstery repair and replacement filler from 5000 rubles;
kitchenette complete restoration of 5000 rubles.
Agree, of such value you can not buy a full replacement of your old furniture, and coming out of our workshops, it will be better than new!

   Look at all the materials used: fabric, leather.

The final cost and turnaround time you announce our master, the call is (subject to the signing of the contract) as well as the transportation of furniture, for you will be free. After signing the agreement you make an advance payment of 50 to 70 percent of the cost of the work, a final payment - upon fulfillment of your order.

Our workshop operates in the market of Moscow and the Moscow region since 1995, and ensure the quality of our work, you can looking impressive list of our loyal customers in the relevant section. We offer you a wide range of upholstery fabrics, natural leather, eco-leather and leather of various colors, but the most wealthy clients - a variant stitched crocodile leather furniture, accompanied by an exclusive hand-embroidery. By the way, this embroidery can be ordered also in other types of upholstery. In addition, our specialists carried out a workshop replace components and mechanisms, and if your wish - also gilding, improvement and modernization of the model.

For the socially vulnerable categories of citizens, our shop provides a flexible system of discounts, and to all the work we give lifetime warranty.

Our workshop is working on the most convenient schedule - from 8.00 to 23.00, seven days a week, including holidays.


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